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For Mount Vernon City Council | Ward One


About Navor

Mount Vernon has been home to Navor and his wife Jenny for over 25 years. They moved here right after getting married and it's where they have raised their four children. Born on the east coast, Navor graduated from I.C. Norcom High School in Portsmouth, Virginia, and was a student at the University of Virginia. His father’s work eventually led the whole family to move across the country to Whidbey Island where Navor and Jenny met at church.

Over the more than quarter of a century that the Tercero family has lived here, Navor has worn many hats and has been involved in the community in many ways. As a small business owner, Navor has always been involved in the promotion of business development across Western Washington. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Washington State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Latino Business Association, and the Skagit-Island Counties Builders Association. He also served on the boards of Skagit Hospice, Burlington Morning Rotary, and the Mount Vernon Football Boosters. One of his personal favorite experiences was serving on the fundraising committee for the “Ernest I.J. Aguilar Scholarship” at the University of Washington Business School honoring his mentor, Ernie Aguilar.

As a dad, Navor has been involved in his children's academic and athletic lives as both a teacher at their homeschool co-ops and a coach for his children's sports teams. An active member of Emmanuel Baptist Church, he has been a teacher in both Children’s and Adult Sunday School classes.

Mount Vernon is where the Terceros have chosen to make their home and are grateful for the opportunities this city has given them. After years of being involved in diverse ways, Navor wants to put himself to work in helping take care of his home which has been so good to him and his family in a new way. He believes this is a unique city facing unique problems, which calls for unique solutions. Mount Vernon is a special place and the issues we are facing here
are equally as special.

Navor has been a servant of his community for over 20 years and is eager to be able to continue to serve his community in this new way.

On The Issues

Affordable Housing

Our city has grown spectacularly in recent years, but unfortunately out housing inventory has now grown along with it. Last year Skagit County had the lowest vacancy rate in the entire state. High demand with nonexistent supply means astronomical prices and simply nowhere to live. The city needs to work together with the community to increase inventory, to not just make housing more affordable but also to allow the city more room to grow. As a member of City Council Navor will be a voice for increased investment and reform to allow for the development of affordable housing for the whole of the city.


Commerce is the heart of community and Mount Vernon is home to a very vibrant commercial community. As a small business owner Navor is well acquainted with both the joys and struggles of enterprise. Commercial growth is the key to a healthy and vibrant community and as a member of City Council Navor will be constant advocate for healthy business growth in the community for the whole community.

Public Safety

This city is a great place to live and one reason for that is because of the heart of service which the Mount Vernon Police Department has for the community.  Our Police Department deserves continued support from the City in order for them to continue to carry out their mission to protect and serve. As a member of City Council Navor will seek to work alongside the MVPD in supporting them in that mission for the benefit of the whole city.

The Homelessness Crisis

We all see the effect of the mental health crisis play out every day on our streets. People who desperately need help but continue to exist in inhumane conditions. Our City needs to continue to come together to help raise up those among us who are suffering the most. This means strong community partnership between the city, nonprofits, and citizens to help lead the hurting into health. As a member of City Council Navor will work to promote these relationships for the benefit of those who are suffering and the health and benefit of the whole public.



Navor has received strong and eager endorsement from many of the leaders of our community. They are confident in the maturity and experience that his leadership would bring to Mount Vernon.

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